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Public Peering

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The Public Peering service provides connectivity optimization and Internet traffic control, reducing the number of transit points and packet delays. The direct connectivity that Public Peering provides makes your network more predictable and easier to manage.

Main features:

  • With the help of Public Peering, a given network (peer) directly exchanges traffic with many other networks (peers) using only one connection (port) to BIX.BG. Activating the service is quick and easy. In addition to the connectivity to the BIX.BG network, you only need to have your own AS (Autonomous System) and support the BGP4 protocol.
  • In order to convince yourself of the benefits of Public Peering according to your specific needs and expectations, we offer you a three-month non-binding free trial period.


  • Direct connection with over 100 networks (peers), including many Bulgarian, regional and global Internet companies;
  • BGP Blackholing and DDoS Mitigation mechanisms that greatly assist members in their fight against DDoS attacks on their Internet networks;
  • 24/7/365 support;
  • Easy and quick activation while keeping full control on your side;
  • Access to numerous statistics (ports, VLAN, traffic with other networks, etc.) through my.BIX.BG;
  • Exceptional reliability, predictability and control provided by high-end Juniper Networks network equipment (MX, EX9200, EX9250) and multiple independent optical paths between points of presence, leased by different operators for risk diversification. Spare equipment in stock and service contracts with Smartcom Bulgaria/Juniper Networks for equipment maintenance and replacement;
  • Possibility of activation in 11 data centers in Sofia and easy migration while saving all settings;
  • Free and non-binding trial period.

Suitable for:

  • Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), as part of their global strategy for optimal Internet connectivity to all markets;
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that exchange significant volumes of traffic both with each other and with everyone else;
  • Hosting providers who need excellent connectivity to end users (ISP customers);
  • Financial institutions and other large organizations for whom the Internet is the medium for doing business and need maximum control over the network and the services they provide to their customers through it.
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