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(point-to-point) Private VLAN

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P2P Private VLAN, also known as Virtual Private Network Interconnect (VPNI), allows members to establish private connections (VLANs) with each other using their available ports, without incurring any additional costs.

Main features:

  • P2P Private VLAN is a part of our concept of providing multiple opportunities for members to exchange traffic with each other while retaining full control on their part.
  • Requesting a P2P Private VLAN between members is done through the my.BIX.BG automated system, as the VLAN tag can be different on both sides.


  • You save a lot of time and resources when coordinating with other members;
  • Automated process and instant setup;
  • End-to-end redundancy over the core MPLS infrastructure;
  • Completely identical functionality and capabilities regardless of which member is connected at which point of presence;
  • Prioritization (Quality of Service / QoS) relative to peering traffic, so that potential overload of the member's port does not affect P2P Private VLAN traffic;
  • Easy migration from one data center to another while keeping all settings;
  • Speed, limited only by the capacity of the ports on both sides;
  • 9000 bytes MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit);
  • Unlimited number of MAC addresses;
  • Ability to activate up to 200 VLANs on one port.

Suitable for:

  • To do business with Layer 2/2+ services (as a supplier or customer) with any potential partner that is connected to BIX.BG without having to establish direct connectivity with each of them;
  • To reserve your network in an easy and affordable way by enabling P2P Private VLAN between your ports;
  • In emergency situations requiring immediate response.

For 10Gbps leased line see Transparent Ethernet Interconnect

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