Services Price List

Monthly recurring charges, stated in EUR, no VAT included.

Service MRC
Main Port, 1GE
Gigabit Ethernet, Line Rate
300 Euro
Additional Port, 1GE
Gigabit Ethernet, Line Rate
200 Euro
Main/Additional Port, 2.5GE
10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface, Fractional at 2.5Gbps
500 Euro
Main/Additional Port, 5.0GE
10 Gigabit Ethernet Interface, Fractional at 5Gbps
700 Euro
Main Port, 10GE
10 Gigabit Ethernet, Line Rate
900 Euro
Additional Port, 10GE
10 Gigabit Ethernet, Line Rate
700 Euro
Main Port, 40GE
40 Gigabit Ethernet, Line Rate
1300 Euro
Main Port, 100GE
100 Gigabit Ethernet, Line Rate
2500 Euro
Virtual IP Connection
Private VLAN between two Members
30 Euro
Multicast Source VLAN
VLAN to carry the Multicast Source's Content to BIX.BG's network
30 Euro
Multicast Receiver VLAN
VLAN to carry the Content from BIX.BG to the Multicast Receiver's network
30 Euro

Having a port in BIX.BG platform gives you the following benefits:

- exchange of peering traffic, including IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, and BGP session to BIX.BG's Route Servers;
- multicast data transmission in real time as a Multicast Receiver or Multicast Source;

Companies that are interested in connecting to the BIX.BG platform can choose either a direct connection in one of our Point if Presence or they can benefit from a remote connection through a carrier, using supported physical interfaces for respective port speeds.

An additional port can be used for traffic aggregation via the LACP protocol (Link Aggregation Control Protocol) or can be configured as an autonomious port (with IP addresses and BGP protocol).


Public Peering

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