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About us

BIX.BG (Bulgarian Internet eXchange) was established in 2009 aiming to provide a neutral and reliable data exchange platform between leading telecom companies, internet providers, cable operators, content providers, etc.

Our vision

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    We are fully dedicated to work only in the interest of the Members and the development of the IXP platform.

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    We provide our services under open and equal conditions for all Members.

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    We have a redundant network with an EVPN/MPLS architecture supported by ISO 27001 procedures.

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Our mission

To be part of a developed communication ecosystem where companies are well connected with each other with minimum efforts and optimal costs.


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    Dimo Nikolov

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    Svetoslav Naydenov

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    Yanko Kaneti

    Network Expert
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    Cvetelin Petkov

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    Kristina Kaneva


Key partners

Our history

  • Public Peering

    The beginning of BIX.BG by offering the Public Peering service

  • Multicast

    Expanding the product portfolio with the Multicast service and the portal my.BIX.BG


    Transition to Juniper based EVPN/MPLS architecture

  • Transparent Ethernet IC

    Activation of the Transparent Ethernet IC service

  • Private VLAN

    Activation of the P2P (point-to-point) Private VLAN service

  • Future

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