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BIX.BG is the first Bulgarian Internet eXchange Point (IXP), which provides optimal connectivity between many companies (called members) in over 10 data centers in Sofia.

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    Public Peering

    The Public Peering service provides connectivity optimization and Internet traffic control, reducing the number of transit points and packet delays. The direct connectivity that Public Peering provides makes your network more predictable and easier to manage.

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    Multicast is a technology that allows data from a single source to reach many receivers simultaneously without having to be duplicated for each receiver.

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    P2P Private VLAN

    P2P Private VLAN, also known as Virtual Private Network Interconnect (VPNI), allows members to establish private connections (VLANs) with each other using their available ports, without incurring any additional costs.

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    Transparent Ethernet Interconnect

    Transparent Ethernet Interconnect (TEI, also known as Private Interconnect / PI) provides completely transparent 10Gbps connectivity (leased line) between two points of presence from the BIX.BG network.

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We serve a wide range of Internet companies, including ISPs, international operators, mobile operators, content providers, hosting and cloud providers, broadcasters, application providers, online gaming companies, who rely on the quality and reliability of the IXP platform.

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    We are fully dedicated to work only in the interest of the members and the development of the IXP platform.

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    We provide our services under open and equal conditions for all members.

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    We have a redundant network with an EVPN/MPLS architecture supported by ISO 27001 procedures.

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In my.BIX.BG, you can monitor real-time port and VLAN load statistics, traffic with other networks (peers), port errors, DDoS traffic, BGP announcements (received and filtered), etc. You can also manage your Multicast service as well as submit requests for free P2P Private VLAN establishment to other members.

About us

BIX.BG (Bulgarian Internet eXchange) was established in mid-2009 aiming to provide a neutral and reliable data exchange platform between leading telecom companies, internet providers, cable operators, content providers, etc.