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SOX - Serbian Open eXchange (AS 13004) joined BIX.BG

AS: 13004 | IP(v4):; | IP(v6): 2001:7f8:58::32cc:0:1; 2001:7f8:58::32cc:0:2 

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New Multicast Content: MMTV HD

Content: MMTV HD

Multicast Source: ММ Ню Медиа Груп ООД

Change of correspondence address

From the 2nd of April 2018 BIX.BG's correspondence address will be changed to:
Office 5, Parter, Alba Building, 126 Tintyava Str., Sofia 1172, Bulgaria

Zulu (AS 31298) joined BIX.BG

AS: 31298 | IP(v4):;

Oath (EMEA) Limited (AS 10310) joined BIX.BG

AS: 10310 | IP(v4):; | IP(v6): 2001:7f8:58::2846:0:1; 2001:7f8:58::2846:0:2