BIX.BG News 2009

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Mobiltel EAD (AS 12716) joined BIX.BG

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Spectrum Net joined BIX.BG

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ITD Network UpGraded at 10GE port

AS: 9070 | IP(v4):;;;

SKKNet (AS 31291) joined BIX.BG

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Vestitel (AS 39505) joined BIX.BG

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NetInfo is the first BIX.BG Member connected at 10GE port

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Planned UpGrade/maintenance on 11.10.2009

Planned maintenance is scheduled on 11.10.2009 between 02:00 and 04:00. All switching equipment will be replaced with the new Extreme Summit X650-24x switches (line rate 24 x 10GE, 488Gbps bandwidth, 363Mpps forwarding rate). The new network will be connected to the existing one. Members will be switched to the new equipment one by one. There will be short interruptions of service for each member.

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Novatel (AS 41313) joined BIX.BG

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Net1 (AS 43561) joined BIX.BG

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16 members in BIX.BG

16 connected mebmbers: Atlantis Net, BGLan, BTC, Comnet, Digital Systems, Escom, GCN, Interoute, ITD Network, Megalan, Neterra, Netinfo / ABV.BG, Optisprint, PowerNet, TEA and Ultranet

BIX.BG Startup

The first PoP of BIX.BG made a start in ITD Network on the Day of the System Administrator (31.07.2009). Among the first to join the free testings were Ultranet, ITD Network, Interoute и Atlantis Net. The team of BIX.BG would like to thank Megalan, PowerNet, Sofia OnLine, SmartCom, ITD Network, Telepoint, Neterra and all other colleagues and partners, who offered their help and support in the very beginning of our project.